Nashville, is the home of country music. There’s no denying that music is everywhere you turn. But in addition to the famous music scene, those interested in history, art, and food will find plenty of ways to stay busy on their first trip to the land of Elvis and Dolly. Here is a list of the top 6 things to do on your first visit to Nashville, Tennessee.

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1 – Take a walk Down Broadway

broadown nashville

First things first, take a walk down Broadway to get your bearings and get into the Honky Tonk spirit. Start at the Honky Tonk Highway, where there’s music all day, every day. Even if you arrive at 1am as I did, don’t worry, the party’s just getting started. Honky Tonk generally refers to a bar in which country music is played. In Nashville, however, it’s not only country music that’s played. You’ll also hear rock, blues, and pop music.

2 – Visit Nashville’s country music hall of fame and museum

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

A short walk from downtown Nashville, you will find the Country Music Hall of Fame. Two hours should be enough to explore. Be sure to record a cover single of You Belong with Meat the Taylor Swift recording booth while you’re there. Your visit will take longer if you’re going to take part in the Hatch Show Print. This is one of America’s oldest working letterpress poster shops, and I highly recommend visiting it. Although booking isn’t required, to make sure you get entry at the time you would like you can book in advance.

Country Music Hall of Fame n Museum

There is an additional tour run by the Country Music Hall of Fame at the Historic RCA Studio B. If you love Elvis you have to go here, considering he recorded more music here than anywhere else. You can also visit Elvis’s Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. This is roughly a 3-hour drive, but it’s definitely worth it for Elvis fans.

3 – brunch at pinewood social

pinewood social

A short walk outside of the busy center, you’ll find the Pinewood Social. It is the perfect combo of brunch, cocktails, and bowling, as recommended by locals. There is even a pool and they have a movie night on the last Tuesday of every month. Pinewood Social is a great way to experience the hip food scene that’s developed in Nashville over the past several years.

4 – take a tour of the johnny cash museum

the johnny cash museum

For all the Johnny Cash fans, visiting this museum is a must. It features the largest collection of Johnny Cash artifacts in the world. The museum celebrates the musician’s life through the decades. It will make you want to watch Walk the Line (or re-watch it). It’s open seven days a week and costs $20. Skip the queue when you purchase your ticket online beforehand.

5 – spend an evening at the bluebird cafe

the bluebird cafe the bluebird cafe

Some might recognize this from the show Nashville. If you don’t, this small 90 seat venue is a great opportunity to get up close to some of Nashville’s best songwriters. The likes of Carrie Underwood, Le-Ann Rimes, and Taylor Swift have all played there before.

A typical nightly performance consists of a few songwriters seated in the center of the room, or sometimes on the stage, taking turns playing their songs and accompanying each other instrumentally and with vocals.

6 – Watch a show at the grand ole opry

the grand ole opry

This is another famous must-visit for those coming to Nashville for the first time. One of Nashville’s longest running shows, the Grand Ole Opry started as a radio broadcast in 1925, and today it’s a live music concert where multiple country artists play in the one night. There are performances every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Advanced booking is required for these shows.

I hope this blog has inspired you to visit Nashville and experience its southern charm for yourself.

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