Game Of Thrones is here, season 7 filming locations

After the wonderful season 6 two episodes, everywhere kept eyes on the release date of the best show ever aired on human history, Game of Thrones, the tv show that combines patient, love, drama and zombies (death walkers) so we would like to expose the season 7 filming locations.

Today the trailer Season 7 of this beloved series was launched, the entire internet community are talking about it, so did we All My Destinations, as a travel blog we would like to have our own touch on the scene, we brought to you the sites where this latest season was filmed, from all over Europe.

A list all known Season 7 Filming Locations.

Castillo de Almodóvar del Río – Spain


The first known season 7 filming location is Spain, an ancient castle was built around year 760, by the Muslim state known as Al-Andalus. The castle was originally named (Hisnu-l-mudawar) means: “the rounded castle”.

Los Seite Reinos likewise guides us toward Hoy, a Spanish distribution with data about what the show will do around Cáceres. As indicated by Hoy, the recording will occur in both the city of Cáceres and in the residential area of Malpartida, situated in the territory of Cáceres. We don’t precisely where the recording will occur, yet Hoy anticipates that the show will shoot around Los Barruecos, a wonderful regular landmark. Hoy says that the region might be utilized for “vast water scenes” with a lot of additional items. Could this be the place Daenerys’ armed force lands?

Season 7 filming locations

Picture of Castillo de Almodóvar del Río covered with snow …

Italica – Roma: Season 7 filming locations


This unquestionably is a striking area. It would appear that it has a place some place on Essos, or perhaps Dorne. Starting at now, there’s no word on what the generation may film in the city of Seville itself, just that recording will occur there the season 7 filming locations.

In the meantime, Europa Press has a meeting with Carolina Casanova, the leader of Santiponce, in the area of Seville. As per Casanova, HBO is occupied with shooting in the Roman remains of Italica.

Itzurun Beach – Spain: Season 7 filming locations


On to the town of Zumaia, Baleike affirmed that, as we’ve announced some time recently, shooting will occur on Itzurun Beach. Baleike was available for a question and answer session held by Zumaia chairman Oier Korta, who said that recording will occur for six days beginning on October 26. “Recordings will be land and ocean.” This appears like another great place for Daenerys’ armada to arrive.

The shores of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe:  Season 7 filming locations

The shores of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe: Season 7 filming locations

At long last, EITB affirms that HBO will film scenes on the shores of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, an islet having a place with the city of Bermeo. Councilor for Tourism Irene Ormaetxea said that recording starts in October, since “they require a winter situation.”

The prevalence of shoreline areas makes me believe that Daenerys’ naval force will have a major influence in these shoots. The greater part of the areas are ravishing, and I’m certain they’ll look stupendous on screen. What do you think these areas will be utilized for?

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